Kais believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration. We carefully select the right combination of skills and experience tailored for each project. A good product comes down to having the right people for the job. Kais engineers are intelligent and driven individuals eager to take on innovative and challenging projects.


Franco Fei

Staff Engineer, Electrical Engineering

As a BMS development engineer, I would always first establish a thorough understanding of the customer’s product and business model so I can gain deep insight into their real needs. Working under the FMEA framework, we strive to consistently optimize our design through testing and analysis and real-time communication with our clients.

Doris Yan

Project Manager, PLD

Balance is the most important goal for a project manager. She has to find the perfect balancing point between cost-effectiveness and high performance, between advanced technology application and manufacturability, between project timeline and feasibility. We endeavor to provide the customer with a perfectly balanced solution while keeping a tight watch over the cost and project timeline.

Saber Cai

Staff Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

In structural design, it is an essential skill to look far ahead and anticipate for the client all the possible operating scenarios and potential abuse their product will endure. I believe the only way to build reliable and optimized products is through prodigious effort and careful deliberation.

Steven Gong

Staff Engineer, Testing Laboratory

As an ancient Chinese proverb teaches us that “the wisest man ruminates over a thousand eventualities, but he will still err.” I understand that a battery pack is a critical component in applications that people’s lives and businesses depend on, so the margin for error is very low. Testing is the most effective antidote against human error. I design and carry out rigorous and meticulous testing procedures on each one of our products so that our clients will receive the most safest and reliable batteries on the market.

Peng Ma

Supervisor, Manufacturing

It is my firm belief that good quality assurance is built on two pillars, diligence, and a systematic approach. To that end, I have persistently strived to perfect every manufacturing and QA procedure and foster a culture where every person involved in each procedure holds themselves accountable to the final product.

Sho Li

PQC, Quality Assurance

The manufacturing of a battery pack is a complex undertaking, it is a dance of hundreds of distinct components, and any single faulty part will cause the whole to fall apart. That's why QA is one of the most critical roles in battery pack production, my responsibilities stretch across the manufacturing to the product and to the end customers. It is my job to act as a gatekeeper for the party and stop all troublemakers from reaching the production floor.




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