About Kais

We strive to empower more people to enjoy the benefits of the latest lithium-ion battery technology.

Kais Power is a trusted manufacturer of lithium-ion battery packs. We develop and realize customized battery solutions for a wide range of electrical applications include E-bike, E-motorcycle, portable medical devices, construction, and industrial applications. We are a group of honest, diligent veteran engineers with an ardent pursuit of industrial excellence.

The engineering mentality of Kais Power brings together a team of highly experienced industry professionals with a proven track record and utilizes their versatile skills and extensive knowledge to optimize the reliability, safety, and manufacturability of your battery, providing the most cost-effective and dependable solutions. Our battery experts will guide you through the most complex process of battery development and provide all the assistance you need at every step of the way, from prototype design to the planning and implementation of efficient series production, to after-sale services.

Kais Power collaborates and partners with hundreds of carefully selected suppliers to ensure the quality and efficiency of our customer’s projects. We pick not only the premium suppliers but also the most dependable and reasonably priced suppliers, leveraging our industry knowledge and supplier network at the heart of the Yangtze Delta, one of the largest global hubs for high-end manufacturing, we create significant supply chain advantages for our customers without compromising on quality and safety.

We at Kais Power strive to foster long-standing relationships with our customers. We understand that our success is dependent on our customer’s success, so that’s why we optimize our business plan around YOU. To stay competitive and give our clients the best customer experience, we are optimized for flexibility, conditioned to be proactive, and solutions-oriented in the face of complex challenges.


More than 10 million battery packs shipped in 2021.


Professional engineering teams served more than 500 innovative projects.


Annual processing capacity up to 200 million pieces of battery cells.


54,000 square meters of manufacturing and lab area.


Our Footsteps

  • Tenpower founded its own pack division to assemble batteries for its clients, this division which would later become Kais Power.
  • The pack division began operating independently from Tenpower.
  • First phase of capacity expansion completed, annual production capacity reaching up to 1.2 million battery packs.
  • Second phase of capacity expansion completed, annual production capacity reaching up to 4.8 million battery packs. Entrance into the EV market.
  • The pack division spins off completely and Kais Power is founded. Entrance into the LEV market and became the exclusive supplier of Super Soco.
  • Entered the E-mobility market with strategic partnerships with Honda and Super Soco. Two new fully automated assembly lines are set up with best-in-class equipment , annual production capacity reaching up to 10 million pcs.
  • The new plant in Suzhou began operation, the total size of the plant is 54,000 square meters.



4 buildings
14.4% Greenspace
Size of the plant site 37,300 m2
54,000 m2 total construction area
Yearly production capacity 110 million cells
Employees ~300

456 Jintang Road West
Economic Development Zone
Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China



2 buildings
Size of the SMT facility 3,000 m2
10,000 m2 total R&D center
Daily production capacity 450 million components
Employees ~300
Expect start of production 3Q2020

8D Suchunfang, 428 Xinlong Road
Suzhou Industrial Zone
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Reliability Testing Lab


Kais Power takes an agnostic approach to cell selection. We work with top-tier cell manufacturers that supply from within North America. Kais Power qualifies cells in our test labs to confirm that they perform according to battery design requirements. Selecting the right chemistry is vital for achieving the desired operational profile.




Interactive Cell Selection Database offers you a set of features to quickly and easily browse across today's most popular cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells (18650/20650/21700) from significant suppliers.